Predicting your love life in 2018, according to your zodiac sign

It’s the question on everyone’s mind: What can I expect from my love life in 2018? Whether it is romantic love, familial love, love for your friends or even for your pet, this feeling is the highest source of power, one that can enlighten and motivate us to achieve our best. But we often get so busy in taking love from others that we forget to look deep within and see the vast pool of self-love that lives within.

“Everyone is seeking someone to love, but the goddesses feel that it’s always better to love yourself first. Only when you are complete can you give of yourself to someone and also receive love to feel fulfilled in your life,” says physchic and spiritual healer Ashtar Tashi.

Ashtar guides you through your love life in 2018, according to your zodiac sign.

What to expect from your love life in 2018, based on your zodiac sign:


Aries, you can expect 2018 to be all about unconditional love. Whether it is loving yourself, your partner, parent, child or friend, learn to love and value people without being judgmental. Everyone makes mistakes, so do you. To hold a grudge against your partner or your loved one for something they did long ago will be unwise. Let bygones be bygones. Learn to forgive and that forgiveness will strengthen your love life. Wear a lot of pink when you meet your beloved ones. Open up your heart to give and receive without restrictions.


Taurus, take a little break with your loved ones and step out. Don’t be held up indoors; you need to add a little bit of freshness in your life, and for that you need to go out physically. Take a short trip, maybe like a weekend getaway, and reignite the passion in your love life. Those with children can find a babysitter. A lot of talking needs to be done and air needs to be cleared, and what better way to do that than to take a small vacation in peace and solitude with lots of privacy?


Gemini, this year is all about healing your loved relationships. Your loved ones may not be feeling so loved after all and you may have to handle them with kid gloves. Listen to them and let them tell you what is bothering them in this romantic situation of yours. If it’s something serious, then you may need to see a counselor. But if it’s not, then you can handle it by yourself with patience, compassion and quality time spent with them.


Cancer, 2018 is all about spending quiet time with yourself and your loved ones. Perhaps you’ve been running around a lot and have been too busy with work or other matters of life, but now is the time to look after your loved ones. Stay at home — something you love doing anyway — to spend some quality time with your close ones. Cook for them, give them a massage, pamper them and mother them to revive your love life. This is the time to make a fresh start, Cancer, so ensure you take some time off to spend with your beloved.


Leo, you have nothing to worry about in 2018. Your relationship is all protected, for you have worked hard in the past to make this work, and it’s paying off now. Don’t be worried about your loved ones, their health, protection or safety, as long as you are the understanding and caring partner that you have been in 2017. Leave your ego aside, look after yourself and enjoy your love.


Virgo, you need to strengthen the space of your love life. If you are planning to move in with your beloved or are thinking of buying a house together, make sure that it is blessed with love and is properly cleansed. Your space of love needs to be blessed, and any confusion that you two have been facing needs to be solved now. Ask for divine help to get some support and guidance. Perhaps you and your significant other can plan a pilgrimage to a church, a temple or a sacred space. Light a candle and ask for blessings for your love.


Libra, you are all about fairness. For 2018, you need to watch out: are you being fair to your loved one? Your beloved is asking for attention, are you able to give it? Your partner is asking for love and care, are you ensuring you are sharing it? Be fair with your loved ones, don’t judge a situation without knowing the whole truth. Look for the real truth behind the facade to resolve whatever needs to be worked on in your relationship.


Scorpio, you need to love yourself in 2018. Appreciate your gifts and your love together. See how much beauty there is in your love. Stop complaining, stop finding faults in each other or in yourself. Instead, appreciate the talents and the gifts the two of you are blessed with, and spend time doing something creative together. As time goes by, we stop looking at the talents of our loved ones, which can make your relationship stale.


Sagittarius, for 2018, you need to find faith in your love. Be strong. Sometimes when you may have arguments or disagreements with your loved one, you will find that the relationship is not working and you may give up hope. At that point, remember that if you stay strong, you can work it out, but to do that, you need the right energy and the will.


Capricorn, 2018 wants you to not back down no matter what people around you are saying. Let people have their own doubts and opinions about your love life, but know this: are you going to get pushed around or get bullied by other people’s thoughts? Your own lover might be having self-doubts, but 2018 is giving you the opportunity to have strength and belief in your relationship. Have faith that you’re not going to back down or back off. If you want to break up the relationship, yes, you have the choice. But if you want to keep moving on, then don’t give up so easily. Only love is real, and only love is worth it. If you are facing opposition from your family, your friends, or the society, stand up for yourself and your love.


Aquarius, if you are looking to get married to your beloved, 2018 is the year for it. Make your plans to settle down together. If you are in a new relationship, then you need to create a home space for the two of you. Think of doing activities like moving in together if your lifestyle permits it. 2018 is an important year to create a beautiful space with your loved one. Respect each other how you would at home. Have some house rules for your relationship even if you are not planning to get married just yet. Treat your relationship with sanctity, purity and sacredness.


Pisces, you have struck gold in your love life this year. You can create your own reality and you can manifest whatever you desire for your love life. If you do not have a lover just yet, then make the right intent to attract the lover of your life who you are seeking. Make your intent with all the qualities you wish your partner should have, and the universe will provide you with it. The right person will walk through your door if you are sincere about finding love. Also, 2018 is the opportunity to manifest for yourself the kind of love life you wish. For those who are already in a relationship, this is the year to make necessary changes that will guarantee you the love life of your dreams. Simply ask the universe, and your wish will be manifested.



This Is Why You Have No Chill, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

(March 21 – April 19)

You have no chill because you literally can’t wait for anything or anyone. Everything is on your own time, done your own way and by yourself. I get that you’re impatient and get things done more quickly when you’re on your own, but if you slow down and work with others, you will get so much farther in life.

(April 20 – May 20)

You have no chill because you never listen. Damn, take some advice for once. Things aren’t always going to work in your favor if you don’t listen to the others around you. You have a powerful work ethic for the things you want and are determined to get it. Just imagine if you actually listened to how you can.

(May 21 – June 20)

You have no chill because you really do believe you can get everything done all at once. You believe nothing can stop you, but have you ever heard of exhaustion? Yes, it’s a thing. You will feel it. Whether it turns up in the half-written assignments you hand over to a boss or when you fall asleep on the way to turn up at a show. It will get to you. Take a break amongst the millions of deadlines you have and everything will turn out the way you want it to be.

(June 21 – July 22)

You have no chill because you literally get so emotional about anything. Stop crying already. Things are going to end up in your favor. Eventually, you just have to pull yourself through the bull shit to get there. The thing is, you’re driven by your emotions. You’re going to always feel a lot at once, but that’s what gets you what you want as well. Relax. Listen to your emotions and let them guide you, not control you.

(July 23 – August 22)

You have no chill because you really do think you have to be the best at everything. It’s like, really, sometimes, you’re not, and that’s okay. Being the best at everything is overrated anyway, because then what else do you have to work for? Take a breather and let someone else be the best for once, maybe you can learn a few things.

(August 23 – September 22)

You have no chill because you need every single little thing and detail to be perfect. If it isn’t, or if people around you aren’t acting accordingly, you have a fit. You’re only human, and so are the people around you—not machines to be hard-wired into your liking. When you finally realize this, you might even see that imperfection is actually a good thing.

(September 23 – October 22)

You have no chill because you work so hard to create the life you’ve always imagined, but sometimes the picture in your head isn’t fitting to what was actually meant for you. This makes you overwhelmed because suddenly, not everything is how you want it to be. This doesn’t mean your dreams are fading or dying or that you should give up, it just means it’s time to create new ones. Sit with yourself and decide what it is you really want and get rid of what’s not really meant for you.

(October 23 – November 21)

You have no chill because you think everything has to do with you. Sometimes, people really just have other struggles going on in their life, and you can’t take that so personally. Being self-aware is a strong asset and works in your favor, but just because you know yourself so well, doesn’t mean you know others just the same. If you come to realize this, not only will you stop taking things so personally, but your relationships will become stronger for it.

(November 22 – December 21)

You have no chill because you literally just do not care. Are you even considerate of other people’s feelings? It’s like those around you don’t even exist. We get that you are the best and know everything, but cut the rest of us some slack. We’re trying to keep up with your greatness the best we can. Relationships take two people and if you don’t try, then we won’t either.

(December 22- January 19)

You have no chill because you really just have like NO chill. You really can’t relax or take a joke or put your feet up. It’s great that you acknowledge the importance of every action you make, but it can easily build up to stress if you don’t let loose once in a while. I would suggest watching stand up comedy, regularly. Let laughter fill and consume you at least once a week. Not everything has to be so serious.

(January 20 – February 18)

You have no chill because you’re the type of person who wants so badly to be loved, yet has a strong desire to be alone. You avoid making plans with others because you want to sit at home and enjoy the silence. Then, you’re at home wondering what others are up to and why they aren’t there to remind you of how much they love you. Everyone loves you, you just don’t allow us the time to tell you! Remember, there’s time for others and for yourself, you just have to arrange it.

(February 19 – March 20)

You have no chill because you actively avoid your actual life for the one that you imagine. You’re always so far in your head, and as great as it may be, (believe me when I say that the rest of us are jealous because it seems like a fun place to be), sometimes it’s good to actually experience the reality that’s in front of you. Who knows, what you have always imagined could become what you’re actually living one day.

It’s Okay, I’m A Pisces

My friends always get mad at me for being too indecisive. “Just pick a damn restaurant,” they complain nearly every time we eat out. I guess they don’t understand that, according to the stars, this is how I’m supposed to be. Everyone knows a Pisces just goes with the flow — that’s just what fish do. It’s not really my fault.

It’s like when people accuse me of being flaky. Me, flaky? Of course not. Oh, but yeah, I’m totally gonna cancel plans with you at some point. Probably multiple times, and at least once because some guy sent me a last-minute “wyd?” snap. Maybe I’ll fail to show up for our coffee date and then go weeks without answering a single one of your texts before I hit you up with a “Oh, hey, what’s up?” But, like, that’s not really my fault. I’m a good friend, but I’m also a Pisces. They don’t call us the “slippery fish” for nothing, right?

It’s kind of like how you’ll definitely see me cry at least once. Maybe it’ll be during a movie or when I happen to read a really sad Facebook post while sitting next to you; maybe I’ll just start crying while we’re discussing the current economic state of the country, because, you know, Pisceans can’t really control their emotions. But it’s totally OK, don’t worry! Give me a few seconds and I’ll probably be cracking up over some meme on Twitter that may or may not also make me cry in the future. It’s fine, I’m a Pisces.

But you know, because I’m a Pisces, I make a really great friend. Really, I do. I’ll cry with you when your dog dies and be the first person to message you a single “congrats!” when you graduate med school. I’ll at least pretend to listen to everything you say without cutting you off and I’ll constantly encourage you to tell me more. No, of course that’s not because I’m nosy! I don’t care for gossip, really, I just want to know every single thing about every aspect of your life so I can make connections between your drama and everyone else’s, and also I just want to get to know you better. I mean, I might be so mind blown about something you told me in private that I’ll tell my best friend, but that’s not gossiping, I’m just sharing my knowledge with the world. After all, a Pisces knows many secrets. Most of them are probably safe with me, but also I’m pretty mindless sometimes, so something might slip out now and then. Classic Pisces, right?

I guess I just tend to have information overload sometimes. You know, because being a Pisces, I’m basically an empath. On top of everything I already know, I feel a lot of things, you know? It’s all intuition. Sometimes I think I’m psychic, and one time I met this tarot card reader who totally agreed during my $15 reading. The reason I knew your ex was cheating you was because I had a bad feeling about him, and also partially because Rebecca told me her friend’s boyfriend saw him with some other girl at Shake Shack and we stalked that bitch on Instagram. But, you know, it only verified my suspicions. Pisceans just know.

Anyway, I wish people could understand me better. I just feel like everyone thinks I’m something I’m not, you know? Maybe if they’d take a closer look at my birth chart they’d finally see me for who I really am, which is a Pisces sun with a Leo moon. It feels like whole world is against me sometimes, especially when they call me out for things I can’t control because of the way the stars were aligned when I was born. I don’t know, maybe I’ll go write about it on my Tumblr poetry blog. I just love how I can be honest with all 387 of my followers. Maybe I’ll mention this. It’s cool if I use your full name, right?

The Good, The Bad and The Scorpio!

Whether you believe in horoscopes or not, your sign could give you a good, or bad name. Scorpio is one of the most notorious signs; they have the reputation of being sneaky, insecure, possessive, and hyper sexual. Let’s be real; most Scorpios have a leading personality which could be quite intimidating for others, and just like every other sign, they have their real bad side.

For each good quality they have, they have an equally bad one.

The Good: Their mysterious vibe could be captivating

It’s human nature to be intrigued by the mysterious people. The Sherlock Holmes in us tries to break their code and find out what they’re hiding.

The Bad: Their mysterious vibe could get old


If you’ve known a Scorpio for too long, their mysterious act could get old and boring.

The Good: You’ll have to work for the friendship, which will make it worth it

They aren’t the type who could trust others after just one conversation. Earning their trust and friendship points will take time, which is good for both sides because it’ll be a well-deserved friendship.

The Bad: You’ll go through many mental games with them

Scorpios are the kings and queens of mental games. To gain their trust, they’ll manipulate you and play all the mind tricks in the world to know who you really are and if you’re trustworthy or not.

The Good: Scorpios are the most loyal friends you can have


Loyalty is everything for a Scorpio. No matter what happens between you, they’ll always have your back.

The Bad: The Scorpio’s wrath could sting you

Even though loyalty is crucial for them, you’ll definitely regret it if you get on their bad side. Scorpios don’t enjoy confrontations. When they’re pissed off, their attitudes will change without any prior notice or further explanation. Good luck getting on their good side again!

The Good: They’re the partner in crime that you could depend on

Scorpios won’t question your motives, or back up from a crime you are involved in. In fact, they’ll plan the whole thing for you and they’ll definitely plan it better than you.

The Bad: They’ll never be the voice of reason

Their loyalty could hurt the both of you. They’ll blindly support their loved ones, but will never talk them out of destroying their lives or making a stupid decision.

The Good: The lustful attitude could be fun

According to astrology, Scorpios are highly sexual people. They have the ability to ‘sexualize’ anything, which could be funny or interesting to talk about at times.

The Bad: Their hyper sexual attitude could get annoying

Some Scorpios talk about sex 90% of the time, and flirt with anything that has feet. This could get really annoying or embarrassing.

Scorpio Women Traits

A closer look at common traits of Scorpio women reveals just how complex, fascinating, and magnetic these lovely ladies can be. Highly intelligent and very courageous, Scorpio is no shrinking violet. In fact, when this woman decides what she wants, she’ll go after it regardless of the challenges in her way.


Scorpios have a reputation that’s legendary for being secretive, and unless the moon or the ascendant is in a more affable sign like Sagittarius, this is essentially true.

Scorpio women guard their secrets as closely as Tauruses guard their 401k portfolios; it’s that important! This is not to say that a Scorpio woman can’t be chatty; she can be. However, you need to understand that she:

  • Turns on the charm and chats you up when she’s telling you what she wants you to know
  • Keeps her true feelings, the ones she holds dear to her heart, unspoken until the time is right
  • Treats her secrets like precious nuggets of gold


Keeping all those secrets can make for a rather intense personality. Many Scorpio women tend to:

  • Conceal a mass of emotional intensity over every hurt and every wrong that has ever been done to them
  • Prefer to be quiet because they know that if they begin talking, all of that intensity may come pouring out
  • Have learned all too well that not everyone appreciates or can handle such a depth of emotion

Aloof and Calm

Paradoxically, Scorpio women tend to be quite aloof on the surface. Even when they like someone, they’ll still fix those steely eyes on that person and make him quake all the way down to his boots. The more she wants something, the less likely it is she’ll let on. This all plays very nicely into her psychological game of getting what she really wants.

Even in the middle of a fight with the love of her life, this woman will dare her lover to pack up and leave. Don’t be fooled. This is just a tactic designed to test the strength of your love. At a board meeting, she’ll calmly walk away from talks letting her opponent sweat it out a bit. Again, this calm exterior is designed to get everyone to fall in line.

Sexy and Magnetic

To be sure, a typical Scorpio’s traits can be daunting to deal with, but many people choose to do so because this lady is incredibly sexy and magnetic. Note that sexy does not necessarily mean sexual, although most Scorpios can be quite sexual when paired with the right individual.

Whether it’s her almost glass-like eyes or her Mona Lisa smile, this lady just radiates sexual energy but unlike other zodiac signs, there’s a dangerous quality that lurks just beneath the surface. You just don’t know if she’s going to have her way with you, hurt you terribly, or do both.

Perhaps it also helps that Scorpio women are also incredibly magnetic. Whether this is due to their seething emotional life or their capacity to understand the darker nature in everyone, they just seem to draw people to themselves. Much like the spider and the fly, once you’ve been invited in, there’s only a slim chance you’ll leave.

Why Love a Scorpio Lady?

The sexuality, the secrets, the magnetism; it all sounds like so much to deal with, so why bother? It’s worth dealing with a Scorpio beauty because of her:

  • Great capacity for kindness
  • True desire to do good in the world
  • Ability to connect with people who are suffering or are in pain

When you add all these traits together, a Scorpio woman may actually be one of the nicest, kindest, most good-natured person you’ve ever met.

The other reason is one you’ve probably already guessed. Despite the drama, once a Scorpio woman loves you, she’ll love you for life. If she really believes in you, she will look past your flaws (but she will comment on them) and risk life and limb to keep you safe from harm. If you’re looking for a passionate, long-lasting commitment, look no further than a Scorpio beauty.

Famous Scorpio Women

The following women use their Scorpio traits to the fullest, and they are great examples of what a Scorpio woman can achieve when she sets a goal for herself.

  • Hilary Clinton: Born October 26, 1947, whose achievements have included tenures as First Lady, a New York senator and Secretary of State
  • Jaclyn Smith: Born October 26, 1947, actress an cancer survivor
  • Grace Kelly: Born November 12, 1929, actress who became Princess of Monaco

A Fascinating Mix

Scorpio women are a fascinating mix of spirituality and sexuality because this is what their planetary ruler, Pluto, governs. It’s quite natural for a Scorpio woman to explore the hidden depths of her personality, and then reverse trend and soar to the very heights of her spirituality. However, this curious mix of passion and spirit is not easily understood by others. For this reason, Scorpio tends to be something of a loner, even when she’s in the middle of a crowd. In fact, one-on-one relationships are much more her forte than paling around in a group. In other words, if you really want to get to know this woman, the best way is to speak with her in a quiet place where you are unlikely to be disturbed. This way, you’ll be able to concentrate on all that she is saying and, just as important, what she’s keeping to herself.

Which Game Of Thrones House Do You Belong In, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Have you ever been on a first date and someone asks: “So, what’s your Game of Thrones house based on your zodiac sign?” Us neither, but it could be totally fine if someone did ask that question on a first date because who doesn’t want to talk about Game of Thrones? While you may be able to recap every single episode and talk about all the latest theories, do you actually know what Game of Thrones house you are based on your zodiac sign? Probably not but have no fear – we’ve got you covered. Admittedly, some Game of Thrones houses are more desirable than others. Everyone hopes to be House Stark or House Targaryen. Hell, even House Lannister is better than being House Frey or House Bolton. This is why it’s important to remember that even the seeming worst houses do have some redeeming qualities. The Lannisters are ruthlessly ambitious, the Boltons utterly crafty, and the Freys hard workers.

Just like it can be fun to know which Avenger you are based on your zodiac sign, you can now know which Game of Thrones house you are based on your zodiac sign and exactly how you’d play the game. Would you manipulate your way to the top like House Tyrell or play the long game like House Stark? Well, we have that answered for you. So, go on and find out which Game of Thrones house you are and bring it up on all your dates. Except if you’re House Bolton. Don’t bring that up on dates.

Aries (March 21 – April 19): House Targaryen

 Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and naturally they are obsessed with being, well, first. They are ambitious, determined, and optimistic. They often have seemingly impossible dreams that they always find a way to achieve through hard work and grit. While they may be brave, they are also aggressive, impulsive, and impatient. Sitting around and waiting for results is not really what an Aries does.

Because of their leadership qualities and their fiery nature, Aries totally vibes with House Targaryen. The most prominent Targaryen on the show is Daenerys, who rides dragons, makes killer speeches, and burns down anything in her way – very much like the Aries. Going even further back, King Aegon I conquered and united the Seven Kingdoms, which had never been done before. The Targaryens may be stubborn but they accomplish anything they put their mind to, even if it seems impossible.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20): House Baratheon

Taurus is reliable, devoted, and responsible. Taurus is also very much known for their stubborn nature, as they never forget or forgive an insult, rejection, or slight. They have a connection to the Earth and enjoy crafting with their hands. However, this connection to the Earth can make them a bit self-indulgent. Taurus will oversleep, over-drink, and overeat. If they aren’t careful, they can become complete gluttons.

Taurus is House Baratheon without a doubt. Obvious King Robert Baratheon lived a fairly gluttonous life in terms of eating, drinking, and philandering. On top of that, Robert was stubborn as hell – he mourned the death of Lyanna Stark for decades and refused to give his replacement wife Cersei a chance. While House Baratheon is believed to be extinct, Gendry – Robert’s bastard son – is the one living Baratheon. Gendry embodies some of the most positive traits of Taurus, as he’s reliable, stable, and works with his hands.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20): House Tyrell

Gemini is curious, friendly, and affectionate. They are a very sociable sign, usually furthering their careers through networking, connection, and charisma. However, Geminis can also be flighty, inconsistent, and nervous. Gemini is analogous to House Tyrell, as it was this friendly nature and social accuracy that propelled their house to such great power. Like a Gemini, members of House Tyrell were all extremely adaptable to their circumstances. Let no one forget that Margaery placed herself in the position to be queen by marrying Renly, Joffrey, and then Tommen. And obviously Olenna was the most adaptable, flexible, and cunning player in the game. No one lives that long on Game of Thrones without being able to bend to circumstances.

Unfortunately, House Tyrell is believed to be extinct following the Sack of Highgarden, but they played the game the same way a Gemini would: relying on their social skills.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22): House Frey

Cancer is an extremely emotional Water sign. Because of their deep connection to their emotions, they are sympathetic, imaginative, and persuasive. However, they can also be insecure, moody, and manipulative; because of that, Cancer is House Frey.

House Frey sits on a bridge, which they charge others to cross. This toll resulted in great wealth for House Frey, but they were still looked down upon by other noble families. So yes, Walder Frey was known for being misogynistic, trading his daughters like livestock, and hosting the Red Wedding. But what let to this? Centuries of being look down upon. The final straw was Robb Stark’s rejection of his betrothal to a Frey and marriage to Talisa. It wasn’t necessarily ambition that fueled Walder Frey’s sadistic actions; it was emotions and insecurity, which Cancer has a lot of.

Leo (July 23 – August 22): House Lannister

Leo is a creative, passionate, and charismatic sign. People are drawn to them, which results in Leo feeling as though they should always be the center of attention. The flipside of this is that Leo can then be arrogant, self-centered, and inflexible. In both their happy moments and sad moments, they have a flair for drama.

Leo is House Lannister. It’s not just because Leo is the lion and the Lannister sigil is also a lion, but that’s one obvious similarity. The Lannisters are one of the most dramatic families in all the Seven Kingdoms. We’ve all seen Cersei extract revenge on several different occasions and if she isn’t dramatic, who is? On top of that, the Lannisters are all wildly charismatic and creative. They can charm the pants right off someone when need be, and even when they aren’t putting on social polish, Lannisters still remain the most interesting people in any room. The Lannister aren’t just okay with everyone looking at them – they are hungry for it. It’s this level of ambition that propelled Cersei Lannsiter to the Iron Throne.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22): House Tarly

Virgo is the hardest-working sign of the zodiac. They are analytical, practical, and shy. They avoid the spotlight, and they don’t work hard for applause or fame. Their work ethic comes from a belief that it’s simply what one does. Despite all this hard work, Virgo tends to feel disappointed with themselves. They are overly critical of themselves, and sometimes others as well.

Virgo is House Tarly, who has been clearly shown to be hard-working and overly critical. House Tarly is a military family, who pride themselves on their bravery in battle. Because of their specific set of values, Randyll and Dickon refused to kneel to Daenerys and were burned to death for their actions. Samwell Tarly’s work ethic is more intellectual than physical, which is why he and his father never saw eye to eye.

While it may be in different forms, the Tarly House is full of hard workers, who don’t exactly lust for the spotlight.

Libra (September 23 – October 22): House Stark

Libra is cooperative and diplomatic. While they may not necessarily seek out leadership positions, as that level of power can be intimidating and stressful to a Libra, but they do thrive in leadership positions because of their even-tempered, fair-minded, and socially aware nature. However, Libra often shrinks away from confrontation, which can result in them being indecisive and carrying a great deal of self-pity.

Libra is House Stark. While House Stark may have been a power player in Season 7, this was not always the case. The Starks had previously been happy to serve as the Wardens of the North, with no political aspirations beyond that. Their fair nature has propelled them to be one of the most liked and respected families in Game of Thrones. While their desire to do what is morally right may sometimes hinder the Starks from being as politically agile as possible, their diplomatic nature has kept them in the game.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21): House Bolton

Scorpio is known for their secrecy. Whether it’s good news or bad news, Scorpio plays everything close to their chest, and so one never knows exactly what Scorpio is thinking or what they may do next. Scorpio is also considered one of the most passionate signs, as it’s this passion that guides almost all of their decision making. When a Scorpio loves, they love hard, but when they’re crossed, they retaliate even harder. Because of their passionate, secretive nature, Scorpio can often become distrustful of others and even violent.

Scorpio is House Bolton. Yes, House Bolton has an awfully bad reputation – Ramsay Bolton was arguably the greatest villain on the show. That doesn’t undermine the fact that the Bolton’s secretive calculations allowed them to take Winterfell and play a role in the Red Wedding. House Bolton’s rivalry with House Stark dates back centuries, so these violent, but well executed moves were something House Bolton had be wanting for a long time.

House Bolton may have been villains, but Scorpio is okay with being the villain once in a while.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): House Martell

Sagittarius is idealistic. They often promise more than they can deliver because see the world through rose-colored glasses. The rosy disposition comes through in their generosity and sense of humor. It always seems like Sagittarius never takes anything too seriously because they’re able to make a joke even in the direst of situations. Sagittarius also value freedom and travel, and will feel suffocated when smothered.

Sagittarius is House Martell. Oberyn Martell was idealistic and shortsighted in his quest to avenge his sister. Had he just killed Ser Gregor, Oberyn would still be alive. But, like a Sagittarius, he overestimated his advantage and saw only the positive outcome. House Dorne has always favored independence, as they were the one house that resisted the Targaryen Conquest until the very end. House Dorne was only brought under rule of the Iron Throne when they agreed to a marriage allegiance with House Targaryen. And so, House Dorne may be idealistic and stubborn, but it sometimes works out for them.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19): House Mormont

Capricorn is responsible, disciplined, and a master of self-control. They favor schedules, to do lists, and alarm clocks. They don’t function well in chaos. They are traditionalists, as they value institutions such as religion and marriage; however, they can also be condescending and unforgiving.

Capricorn is House Mormont. The members of House Mormont have been spread far and wide, but their values are still the same. Both Lyanna Mormont and Jorah Mormont are extremely loyal to their leaders, vowing to follow through on whatever they are ordered. Of course, this is only after they have chosen to follow said leader, as the Mormonts can be hesitant to blindly pledge allegiance. House Mormont can also be unforgiving, even to their own kind. After Jorah engaged in slave trade and disgraced the Mormont name, his father Jeor was not the most forgiving man.

The Mormonts and Capricorns alike have tough exteriors but are really just loving softies on the inside.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18): House Arryn

Aquarius is progressive, original, and independent. They value intellectualism and energetic debates. Aquarius is extremely social, but they prefer to engage and learn while being social rather than just having the same tired conversations. Aquarius can be uncompromising and seemingly unemotional; suffice to say, they have difficulty expressing how they feel.

Aquarius is House Arryn, though House Arryn is a bit murky on the show. Currently, House Arryn is led by Robin, who seems… well, not completely normal if we’re being honest. However, Jon Arryn, who had died in the first episode, is a great example of House Arryn. Jon Arryn fostered both Ned and Robert, so he’s practically responsible for their becoming great men. Jon Arryn was said to be wise and canny. He served as Hand to the King, during which time it was said that he gave Robert Baratheon wise advice. For his intellect, Jon Arryn certainly had an Aquarius flair.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20): House Greyjoy

Pisces is an emotional sign, which makes them compassionate, intuitive, and playful; however, their emotions can occasionally be too much for them to handle, which results in their avoiding the world as a whole. Their deep desire to escape reality can turn them into procrastinators. Pisces can also feel they are a victim or a martyr.

Pisces is House Greyjoy. And no, it’s not just because Pisces is a Water sign and House Greyjoy is renowned for their naval forces, though that certainly plays into it a bit. It’s that House Greyjoy is an intuitive and creative house. They believe in the Drowned God and that the founder of House Greyjoy was married to a mermaid. Their sadness can also be seen on the show, especially in Theon, who often victimizes himself and avoids difficult situations.

Things You Suck At, According To Your Zodiac Sign

You suck, but it’s not your fault – blame the stars. Zodiac signs make you who you are (if you believe in that sort of thing, which you probably don’t if you’re a Virgo). While the stars may give you your best traits, they’re also responsible for your very worst (that Kanye-level ego or Kardashian-approved vanity). Faults from the zodiac include everything from accidentally blabbing your BFF’s darkest secrets to being too stubborn to ask for help. Society’s biggest shortcomings, according to the zodiac, infiltrate every aspect of human daily life – they’re the reason that Tinder date didn’t go as planned… or at least, that’s what Cancer has been relentlessly overthinking for the last 45 minutes.

So, what do you suck at according to your sign? If you’re a Leo, you certainly suck at sharing the spotlight. If you’re an Aries, you just can’t be a team player (unless your role on the team is head coach). The weaknesses according to your zodiac sign aren’t even always the biggest problem. Sometimes it’s your strengths that make your personality utterly unbearable. Scorpios are adept manipulators and Capricorns are wildly successful users who will leech off other people’s success.

Check out what your sign says you suck at below, and try not to blame your mother too much for not giving birth at some other time of the year. Instead, thank the stars above!

Aries Always Has To Be The Boss


Two years ago, Aries told you not wear hoop earrings because hoop earrings were her thing. Then, when your parents got you a pair of gorgeous, expensive, white gold hoops for Hanukkah, you had to pretend you didn’t even like them. The truth is that Aries is always the boss regardless of whether or not she wears pink on Wednesdays. Although the good thing is that Aries are energetic and can make good leaders, but a good leader is easily also a bossy one.

Taurus Is Lazy


Taurus, we know it’s safe on your couch watching TV, but don’t you want to do something other than Netflix and chill? Taurus is the laziest of the zodiac signs, if only because you can’t fail if you don’t try. Nothing bad ever happened to anyone after watching 45 episodes of Friends in a row, but do you not feel the smallest pang of shame when Netflix asks you if you’re still watching?

However, don’t let a Taurean lack of drive fool you. They’re really just interpreted as lazy because doing nothing is the safest option at any given time. If things don’t change, they can’t change for the worse.

Gemini Can’t Keep A Secret

Gemini’s symbol is twins because if you’re born under the sign you’re going to get one of two characteristics – the loyal, passionate friend who hates the same people you do or the two-faced gossip who accidentally spreads your secrets around town. Geminis just can’t keep their mouths shut, but it’s not always on purpose. They’re the kind of people who get so swept up in a juicy conversation that they accidentally disclose sensitive details. Whoops! Sometimes when you’re passionately judging someone, it’s easy to accidentally spill the tea.

Cancer Is Moody And Takes Everything Personally

Inside that hard shell is a mushy, squishy body who just can’t handle criticism of any kind – even if it’s helpful. Cancers take everything personally regardless of whether or not it has anything to do with them. Their favorite pastime is grueling over an acquaintance’s subtweet, agonizing over the true meaning of a four word text message, or crying from a light-hearted joke. Seriously, don’t roast them in the group chat because they might never recover. To make matters worse, Cancers overthink all of this stuff while sitting alone in their bedroom because these oversensitive crabs are indeed hermit crabs, too.

Leo Must Always Be The Center Of Attention

Leos have an ego as big as a lion – and they can’t keep it in check. They’re the kind of people who would delete an Instagram post in a huff if it doesn’t get enough likes. They always, always need to be the center of attention, and if they’re not, they’ll make a spectacle out of themselves in order to stay in the spotlight (or they’ll lie to themselves and insist they came out on top. No Leo is ever an understudy – they simply turned down the main part because they were too busy being awesome). Most of us just can’t handle the drama and prefer to have conversations that expand beyond the realm of Leo’s unmatched greatness.

Virgo Is Hyper Critical

Virgo is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list Things You Suck At, According To Your Zodiac Sign
Photo: Sidney Hall/Wikimedia Commons
What you call hyper critical and wildly judgmental, a Virgo would call detail-oriented. Virgos just aren’t great at letting the little things go – from pointing out a tiny, irrelevant inconsistency in your memory of Friday’s night (no that guy didn’t actually hit on you like you thought, don’t you remember?) or noticing that your foundation is a half shade off from your natural skin tone. It’s probably kind of helpful if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to walk around with greens between your teeth, but sometimes, you just want to live without being picked apart. Let us live, Virgo, let us live!

Libra Can’t Handle Stress

Libra is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list Things You Suck At, According To Your Zodiac Sign
Photo: Sidney Hall/Wikimedia Commons
Libra, Hufflepuff, what’s really the difference? This flighty, indecisive zodiac just can’t handle anything other than rainbows and puppies. When grumpy baby boomers talk about snowflake millennials, you can probably blame Librans for giving all of us a bad rap. At the root of it, a Libra just wants to love and be loved, but hates confrontation which makes coexisting in any serious relationship kind of difficult and will often repress things to the point of a meltdown. If things blow up in a heated, melodramatic explosion of emotion, know it was probably pent up inside a poor Libra all along.

Scorpio Is A Jealous Snake

Scorpius is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list Things You Suck At, According To Your Zodiac Sign
Photo: Sidney Hall/Wikimedia Commons
Scorpios may traditionally be represented by eight-legged scorpions, but don’t be fooled. Every Scorpio has a snake bigger than Taylor Swift lurking somewhere inside of their dark souls. Scorpios are wildly possessive masters of manipulation who have an intoxicating air of danger about them that lures people. They might seem charming on the outside, but on the inside, they’re straight-up venomous – especially if they smell a hint of disloyalty. “Disloyalty” is a broad term for Scorpios and can be as innocuous as liking a Facebook post from a frenemy or swearing your allegiance to In-N-Out instead of Shake Shack.

The worst part of dealing with a Scorpio is that once you get into a spat, you going to be stung. Scorpios are too secretive and paranoid that people will manipulate them in the way they’ve manipulated you, so you can’t win. Scorpios always destroy the receipts, unless the receipts are yours. In that case, they’re filed in alphabetical order and relegated to the depths of their snake lair for safe keeping.

Sagittarius Can’t Ask For Help

There’s no one who embodies the idea of an independent spirit more than Sagittarius. A Sagittarius is wildly independent, dedicated and driven – a lone wolf who slays the world solo. These traits are a straight-shot to success, but they also sort of get in the way.

Stubborn Sagittarians have to do everything by themselves. Like a toddler who falls flat on their face after insisting they can tie their shoes without the help of mom and dad, a Sagittarius will fall over and over again because they believe they don’t need anyone. In turn, a Sag’s desire to succeed without the help of others makes them seem pretty overconfident, argumentative and smug. No one likes to watch a stubborn person repeatedly fail because they can’t ask for a hand (or maybe you do, if you’re a Scorpio).

Capricorn Is Your Best Frenemy

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer – as long as your enemies have success, money and social status. Capricorns are serious social-climbers. This strong-willed sign has no problems cutting out a toxic friend – they may even err on the side of callous – unless of course that toxic friend is ultra-popular. If that’s the case, you’ll probably hear them name drop that person ad nauseam.

If you’ve got something a Capricorn wants, you can bet she’s going to snuggle up close until she leeches your success. Hey, at least Capricorn’s methods really do work. They definitely manage to climb the social ladder and excel in their fields, though it’s at the cost of genuine relationships. Is it lonely at the top? Capricorn couldn’t care less.

Aquarius Is Too Smart For Their Own Good

Aquariuses are smart smart and innovative at their very core, but exist in a strange paradox between mainstream and fringe. If you’re an Aquarius, you’ve got the kind of mind that isn’t about to file that boring paperwork at your day job because you’re busy dreaming up a future where a computer will fill it out for you. Unfortunately, that’s pretty annoying for literally everyone you work with, and you can come off like a total brag or someone who’s completely apathetic. Yeah, it’s a drag to have to explain your brainiac ideas to minds who think inside the box, but you can’t let it get the best of you. The world hasn’t yet caught up to your ideologies, so when you ditch out on paying a parking ticket in a fit of rebellion, you’re going to have to own up to the annoying late fine. Who knew being smart would be so hard?

Pisces Is Flaky AF

You don’t mean it, Pisces. You’re a good friend – a great friend. You just get wrapped up in your creative projects. It’s like that time you started working on that experimental art instillation and suddenly its seven hours later, all your friends are asking where you are, and you realized you haven’t even had any dinner. You also have a tendency to get pretty pessimistic, and you’re no stranger to canceling plans just because you’re feeling overwhelmed at the thought of existing in a world where everyone’s work seems better than yours. A little advice? Get off the Internet and get to work. Browsing local artists’ Instagram pages when you’re in that sort of mood doesn’t give you inspiration. It just makes you feel terrible.

The 5 Most Undeniably Sexy Zodiac Signs Of Astrology

Hot, hot, HOT!

Everyone is sexy in their own special way. But some people are out-of-this-world sexy and they separate themselves from the mere mortals of this earth.
Seriously, get them in the right outfit and they look like they are from another planet. A planet of only hot people, obviously.

Supergirl GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

But it’s not just their physical looks that have our jaws to the floor. When you look to horoscopes and astrology, you’ll see that it’s also how these particular zodiac signs act and carry themselves that keeps us staring for an inappropriate amount of time.

Everyone knows someone like this — that irresistible type of woman that lights up every room. She’s hot, not only because of her bod, her clothes, or her brand new highlights. Nah, it’s much more than that.

When she stands, she stands with confidence.

She is mysterious type and as soon as she walks in the room you know she has tons of secrets she’ll NEVER tell you. She’s independent type — smart, funny, and sometimes serious.

We honestly can’t get enough of these zodiac signs and their sexy, sexy nature. The kind of people that make you feel like you could be sexy too.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

An Aries’ sexiness comes from her work ethic. When she is confronted with a competition she NEVER shies away.

She runs up to the starting line and flashes her confident smile. At that point everyone’s eyes are on her. And she loves it!

She’s also sexy when she gets a temper. This isn’t hard for her to do. She’s suuuuper impatient so when her time is being wasted she gets a grumpy face.

But nobody can deny that attitude, it’s playful and aggressive at some points!

But the sexiest thing of all is her passion. She doesn’t just fake the passion to catch the attention of some hotties.

Nope, she’s genuinely passionate about what she loves and it’s simply irresistible!

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Scorpio’s mysterious side makes her sexy as hell. She can be cool and collected but if you cross her she will make sure you pay.

Something about her passion to know the truth lets you know she is passionate about other things too. If you know what I mean. *wink*

But just as much as she wants to know the truth, she will also keep your secrets.

Her loyalty is so sexy that a simple promise to go for a coffee date always keeps cuties coming back for more.

She can’t help it. She is just so damn sexy. But no one can pull it off the way she does.

She is fierce yet secretive and passionate yet jealous. Something about how she scowls in the corner makes people melt into puddles.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

A Sag is SUPER independent and she loves to travel. Nobody can deny her sexy photo shoot on the top of a mountain of the most exotic place you’ve ever seen.

Her sense of adventure and down and dirty ruggedness gets everyone going.

She also keeps you on your feet. She plays the game and is the BEST at it. She never wants her prospective hubbies to get cocky so she plays it cool and keeps him guessing.

Also she’s CRAZY funny.

If you want someone who will make you laugh she’s your gal. And nothing is sexier than someone with a sense of humor.

One minute you’ll be laughing until you cry and the next you’ll be looking longingly into each other’s eyes waiting for someone to make the next move. WOW, it’s getting hot at Sag’s house.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Capricorn is sexy because she is SERIOUS. She has high standards so while she is looking for the right one, everyone else is falling to the wayside.

She’s sexy because she doesn’t want YOU, but you still want her. She irresistible and she knows it.

She’s the most sexy when she pretends she doesn’t want someone. She is a master of self-control.

So even if she wants someone so bad it hurts, she will stay chill. But it leaves her love interest wanting more. That’s just how she does it.

Her discipline keeps her mysterious. And that’s the way she likes it. Her motto is if you keep them guessing, the passion will be even more intense. Oooo, sexy!

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

For Aquarius, smart is sexy! She will talk a cutie’s ear off about microbiology and he will eat up every word she says to him.

She’s not arrogant. She’s so genuinely interested in progress and solving problems that she could get anyone to sign her petition for recycling in her city.

And no one can deny her obsession with progress doesn’t stop in the bedroom. She’ll try anything and that’s because she is definitely sexually adventurous. Lucky him!

She’s also SUPER independent. Who can resist a woman who stands strong on her own?

She doesn’t need anyone, heck she doesn’t need YOU. But she’s gonna show exactly why she needs you, and it’s something you BOTH learned in biology class. It’s getting steamy!

These 5 Zodiac Signs Are The Most Difficult People To Date

Guaranteed to make dating hard.

If you ask my boyfriend whether or not I am a hard person to date, he would probably say yes.

I tend to use “I don’t care” as my answer to pretty much anything he asks me, but I like to think that it’s just because I really don’t care what we do, as long as we do it together.

But no. He would rather me tell him exactly where I want to eat and what I want to watch on Netflix, even though I really DON’T care… Okay, I do care sometimes, but not always.

I do get where he’s coming from, though. Sometimes, I really can’t choose and we sit there asking each other what the other person wants to do on Friday night without ever choosing anything.

But does that really make me difficult to date?! Actually, don’t answer that.

There are other zodiac signs besides my own sign that are also difficult to date.

But these other signs aren’t frustrating just because they want to make sure their partner gets a chance to choose the movie every once in a while.

In fact, there are a lot of ways you can be considered the most difficult zodiac sign to date — and some of those ways aren’t great.

Maybe you’re too bossy instead of not being bossy enough, or you get too caught up in your emotions that you’re always ready for a fight or crying over something small, or maybe you just don’t care enough.

Clearly, there’s a lot of reasons someone could be hard to date, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t date them at all.

It just means you have to know the potential risks before putting all your eggs in one basket.

Because while some signs are cute when they can’t choose what they want to do on the weekend, others are just a giant headache who can make you regret dating them in the first place.

I’m not naming any zodiac signs in particular, though, because it’s not necessarily about them; it’s more about their personality when it comes to dating.

And while I’m not condoning these challenging astrology traits that make them seem too crazy to date, we all have reasons for being a little difficult, so you can’t always judge us for being ourselves… at least, that’s my excuse.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to know if you’re one of these zodiac signs, or if you think you might already be dating one of them, keep reading for the signs who are the MOST difficult to date, based on your horoscope.

1. VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

Virgo is a very self sufficient sign who doesn’t really think there’s anything he can’t get in a relationship from himself. When dating him, it can feel almost like you’re on trial. He can be very inquisitive and curious, but not really in a good way. More like trying to figure out what the catch is so he can dump you already.

Virgo is also very judgmental and distant. He would rather keep you at arm’s length instead of let you in completely because it makes him feel better to know he’s in charge. It’s almost impossible to get him to open up because he feels like he doesn’t deserve to just let go of control.

2. SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

Scorpio is very hot and cold when it comes to dating. He can be very affectionate and happy to be with you one minute and totally turned off and grumpy the next.

It’s very hard to keep up with what he’s feeling at all times, though he does expect you to. And worse yet, Scorpio is almost impossible to read, which means you’re already wrong before he can tell you what he’s feeling.

Scorpio is naturally distant because he feels like he should protect his heart before opening up to someone instead letting himself be receptive to love.

This makes it so difficult to get through his hard outer shell right away because he goes to such lengths to keep himself safe. And when he’s still trying to figure out how he really feels about you, he can be very emotionally erratic and unpredictable.

3. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

Sagittarius is not a big fan of commitment, first of all. It makes him feel like he’s tied to someone forever instead of just getting to know a friend on a more intimate basis, if you want to get technical.

So, right away he’s difficult to date because he doesn’t have high hopes from the beginning. He also loves the chase more than he loves the catching the person he’s chasing.

Sagittarius would rather flirt and keep things casual instead of get serious with someone because it’s much more comfortable for him. It also plays right into his personality, which is often seen as flighty and impulsive. You could say he was never cut out for the dating life to begin with.

4. CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

In all honesty, Capricorn would probably be easier to date if he weren’t so cautious all the time. His practical nature might be great in other situations, but love is about taking risks and putting yourself out there even when you might get your heart broken.

But for Capricorn, it’s much easier to tread lightly, which doesn’t really make him seem careful so much as it makes him seem stingy with love.

Capricorn is also very business-like when he does date. It can feel more like you’re on an interview than a date because he’s very methodical and almost robotic when getting to know you; almost as if he were just going through the motions. He trusts his head much more than he trusts his heart, and would rather think than feel when it comes to love.

5. AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

Aquarius is a very independent sign. So much so, in fact that you could say he’s independent to a fault. He’s naturally a very private and aloof person, preferring to be on his own instead of being vulnerable in front of someone else. Of course, that doesn’t make him seem mysterious like he wants, but rather cold and distant.

It’s understandable that Aquarius would want to protect himself from getting hurt or being misunderstood, but it still makes him insanely hard to date.

His aloof attitude and the fact that he doesn’t care about letting people see the real him also makes him impossible to read or understand, even though that’s exactly what he wants.

Would You Or Wouldn’t You Date An Aquarius?

Does a person’s astrological sign really say something about his or her dating personality or overall disposition? Many people strongly believe in the stars and what they stand for, and many do not. Regardless, it’s always fun to investigate such a topic and explore it in its entirety.

We’re currently in the cycle of Aquarius, so we are going to take a closer look at the qualities of a person born between January 20 and February 18. Would you want to date someone of this sign? Time to whip out the pros and cons:


Eclectic Perspective

You don’t want to date a person who cannot see the bigger picture. The ability to understand the grand scheme of things broadens perspective and allows an Aquarius to see where others are coming from. That is a crucial element in any relationship, especially given the fact that compromises must be made in order for any relationship to succeed.

Natural Born Communicator

Communication in any relationship is crucial; without it, there is essentially no hope in succeeding. You need to be able to feel comfortable discussing things with your partner and if he or she are unable to communicate effectively, how do you expect this ever to happen?


Asking questions is the only way to learn new things and gain knowledge. Who wouldn’t want to date a person who wants to learn about everything the world has to offer? An Aquarius is the type to try new things in order to make the most of his or her experiences.


Besides caring about your relationship, your Aquarius partner cares immensely about others around him or her. An Aquarius is a visionary who loves thinking about what he or she can do to make the world a better place.


An Aquarius loves to surround him or herself with a ton of people — most notably, family and friends. It’s a relief when you can bring your counterpart into any situation and not have to worry about babysitting him or her. You can let an Aquarius partner mingle on his or her own and have full confidence in his or her ability to make everyone feel at ease.



Don’t try to push your opinion on an Aquarius because he or she won’t give a sh*t. If an Aquarius doesn’t agree with what you have to say, he or she is most certainly not listening to it. They do things their own way and were probably the people who inspired the phrase, “My way or the highway.” Compromises are crucial in relationships, and if you aren’t able to do that, well then I wish you the best of luck on your short-lived fling.


Do you really want to date someone who is constantly putting up walls? This experience is beyond frustrating and the downfall of many relationships. Be careful falling in love with someone who has little likelihood of letting you in. It’s never a good thing when a person can seem somewhat detached from personal emotions.


One day they’re happy with you, and the next day, they aren’t. Inconsistency is one of the most frustrating things a person can experience. You may think your partner is reliable, but before you know it, an Aquarius won’t follow through like you expected.


Stubbornness is never an attractive quality. This goes hand-in-hand with the aforementioned characteristic. An Aquarius isn’t willing to see things from another person’s perspective the majority of the time, which can cause a lot of tension and problems in a relationship.


Why would you date someone who seemingly just doesn’t care? That sounds like an uphill battle. While an Aquarius is not like this all of the time, he or she can show signs of being aloof, and when it happens, it’s beyond irritating. At times of conflict, this quality can be one of the most detrimental and demeaning attributes a person can display.

Each individual is different, so you really never know what a relationship will be like until you try. Based on this list, however, dating an Aquarius seems like an anxiety-ridden experience.