9 Ways Your Instincts Are Telling You That You Should Leave Your Partner

9 Ways Your Instincts Are Telling You That You Should Leave Your Partner





Listen to your gut!

You can totally believe that you’re happy in your relationship, but that isn’t always necessarily going to be the case. You have to understand that when you’re in love, there will be a tendency that all of your emotions are going to intensify. Sometimes, it may even get to the point where your judgment is going to be clouded because you’re not going to be able to make sense out of all of your feelings. Your love may lead you to think that everything is fine and dandy in your relationship – but in actuality, you’re in a terrible relationship and you should give it up. This is where your instincts step in. Because unlike your feelings, your instincts are never going to lie to you or betray you. In fact, your gut is there precisely to have your back. And it’s your instincts that are telling you things that you might be shutting out because you won’t want to have to bear with the inconvenience of listening to the truth. But that’s wrong. You really need to learn to pay better attention to your gut if you really want to learn how to take care of yourself.

Your instincts can manifest themselves in various ways. You might be acting a certain way and you don’t even realize that that’s a sign that your guy wants to pull away from the relationship. Now, of course, you’re not going to recognize these signs unless you learn to actually look for them – especially when you make a conscious effort to not seek them out in the first place. But no matter how much you might hate finding out the answer about how you really feel, you need to just be honest and come clean with yourself. Come to terms with the truth.

So how exactly are going to know for sure that your instincts are telling you that you’re stuck in a bad relationship? Well, you just have to make yourself aware of the signs at first. You just have to make sure that you arm yourself with the right information so that you don’t get to plead ignorance in the long run.

And if you don’t really know what these signs look like, then you’re just going to have to read on until the end of this article.

1. You can’t seem to trust your partner.

Trust is always an important aspect of a healthy relationship. And if you find that you can’t trust your partner, then that means that you don’t feel comfortable in your relationship at all. You can’t seem to bring yourself to be able to rely on your partner to be there for you when you need them. And reliability is essential in a relationship.

2. You are in a constant state of boredom with your relationship.

While relationships don’t have to be constant excitement – they shouldn’t be a state of constant boredom either.

3. You regularly think about what your life would be like if you were single.

You are so dissatisfied with the way that things are going in your relationship now, you find yourself constantly daydreaming about being out of it. In this case, your fantasies all revolve around not being with your partner.

4. You don’t really make plans with one another.

You don’t plan for the future with one another because the truth is that you don’t really see a future with the both of you still sticking together anymore. You are both just practically living in the present and prolonging the inevitable breakup.

5. You don’t feel like you can be comfortable with just being yourself in the relationship.

You always feel like you have to put on an act just to keep the relationship together and it’s really making you uncomfortable and unhappy.

6. There is a shortage of laughter in your relationship.

You don’t really share a similar sense of humor anymore. And because of that, you can’t really connect with one another on a positive plane. There is little to laugh about in your relationship because both of you find it really hard to just be happy and silly.

7. You only connect with one another on a physical level.

The emotional connection – the most important one – is no longer present. You only feel like you and your partner only ever really connect when you’re being physical with one another.

8. You don’t really grow and develop as a couple anymore.

You’ve stopped growing as a couple. In fact, you are discouraged about the state of things, you have lost the will to want to grow as an individual as well. Secretly, inside, you know that your relationship is holding you back.

9. You’re not interested in getting to know your partner much.

You’ve lost interest in your partner and you don’t really want to get to know them better anymore. You no longer feel an emotional connection there that you’re willing to invest yourself in. And your heart is practically already out of the relationship.