One Thing Each Zodiac Sign Finds Better Than Sex

One Thing Each Zodiac Sign Finds Better Than Sex

Now, a lot of things can feel better than sex, for some people it could be good food; while for others it could be an occasional break from work. But all these activities or things are choices that differ from person to person, and when you are trying to find out what influences people to make the choices they make, then you begin to look at their zodiac signs.

Yes, zodiac signs can pretty much affect the way we as human beings perceive and act on things. And when it comes to things we prefer to sex, nothing changes – the zodiac sign plays a prominent role in deciding that too.

So down below, we discuss the choices each zodiac sign tends to make, when it comes to things that make us keep sex aside.


For the Aquarius, you are drawn to people who love to support you. And you are always looking for support from your friends and family concerning whatever it is that you are doing. That means that you can be very susceptible to pressure and that can have a big effect on your performance. But when you are cheered on by the people you love – even if it is a little encouragement here or there, you will dramatically improve.

And so when you are looking to be in a romantic relationship what you first look for is someone who is genuinely interested in your life – your passions, career, and any other activity that you engage in. You also want to be assured that that person will always be by your side through the hard times and the good times. If you don’t see this trait in such a person, you would be willing to damn the physical attraction and leave. For you, it is loyalty over lust.


As for the Pisces, you just want to be happy. Nothing more matters as much as your happiness in your relationship. You would rather have someone who you can have great conversations with and not always have to feel like you can’t connect with your partner. Even in your own family, you like to stick closer to a parent or sibling who is a little bit more empathic than the rest. You have always been the type of person to love a good laugh too. So when it comes to picking a date for you, you will almost instantly go for the person who is funny and witty. Someone who you feel at ease with, a partner who is nonjudgmental and is easy going.

You run from people who are very poor at communicating or being in touch with their emotions because you are an emotional person and therefore they can’t connect with you or satisfy your emotional needs. So no matter how good looking or sexually appealing he/she looks, if you don’t get the right vibe from such a person you will bail out of the relationship or decline to take your friendship to the next level.


As for the Aries, it all boils down to the effort. You are someone who loves to go all in on whatever it is that you are committed too. You carry that passion into your career, your friendships, and your relationship with family members and those you hold dear to you. And when it comes to romantic relationships, there is no difference. First, you are drawn to people who mirror your strong passion and zest. You want someone who will give his/her all to be with you as you would also do for them. You are also more concerned about your emotional connection him/her than your physical attraction to the person. Doesn’t mean that the person isn’t attractive, but it just means that physical attraction doesn’t trump emotional connection in your priority list for romantic relationships. Such passion from the two of you would usually account for a great sex life too.


You, the Taurus, are attracted to people who display signs of loyalty. And that is because that’s what you bring to the table in whatever relationship you find yourself in. Be it with your family members or friends. You are that one friend who would stick with your buddy through tough times. That means that why you may not have many friends, the ones that you hang out with are true to you. And that standard of loyalty you set, stays the same for you when it comes to romantic relationships. You want your partner to be fully and wholely invested in your relationship as much as you would be too. You want to know that when the storms of life rock your boat, your partner won’t bail out or jump ship.

That is a priority for you and when you can’t identify these values in someone you are attracted to, you would be willing to leave the relationship regardless of the physical attraction of chemistry you guys have.


As a Gemini, all you want is someone who is okay with who you are. As a Gemini, you aren’t looking for someone to get into a relationship with only for that person to keep tweaking and criticizing everything you do. To the point that you begin to wonder what attracted your partner to you. Instead, you are far more interested in being in a relationship with someone who just accepts you for who you are. A partner with whom you can relax and feel comfortable in their company. Your self-confidence and strong will won’t allow you to be pushed around or be spoken to disparagingly. And so if you notice that your date is that kind of person, you lose interest in taking things to the next level with this person. In a relationship, all you truly want is someone with whom you are going to build an incredible life with, and not some woodpecker, constantly picking on you.


For the Cancer, it is pretty clear that all they want is love and care. This zodiac sign is of water, and so it isn’t strange to see that you are very in touch with your emotions. And so you look for your kind. When you are in a relationship with your select few friends, you can be a very supportive friend. You also want to replicate such in your romantic relationships. For the Cancer, you take the ‘romantic’ in ‘romantic relationship’ seriously. You want your partners to be emotionally intelligent and intuitive about what you want and feel. You can’t imagine a relationship without the glamour and glitz of romance sprinkled all over it. For you, that would be a dead boring life. And your lively soul and imagination wouldn’t stand anyone who could potentially create such a bland future for you. You would rather break things off before you end up miserable with a broken heart.


As a Leo, you look for a partner who won’t see anything wrong with always having to put up with your sometimes selfish and arrogant demands. Yes, you can be a pretty proud show-off, you will do whatever it takes to get whatever you want. And you don’t mind others sacrificing to get you what you want. And when you don’t have your way, then all hell breaks loose.

You expect your partner to deal with all these and yet love and support you. You are obstinate, and sometimes you are hell-bent on making very bad decisions that often end badly.

You need a partner who doesn’t have a temper. Someone who is easy going and very adaptable. A partner with long-suffering and patience is required for you to have a healthy relationship. This is because no matter how good and exciting your sex life is, if you don’t get a partner who can deal with your excesses, then you would have a relationship bound to fail.


When it comes to the Virgo, you look for someone who you feel like you can be yourself with. And that is why you rely on your chemistry when you first met that person. If you feel like you are having awkward and uncomfortable silence with such a person, then you are willing to call it off immediately. You just want to be loved for who you are and not have to worry about your disparaging opinion of your partner.


For the Libra, you are a free spirit and would also love to keep that kind of vibe in your relationships with friends and family. And that stays the same for your romantic relationship too. You want someone who is an excellent communicator and an open-minded person. You want someone who isn’t ashamed of efficiently expressing his/her feelings in the relationship. You ate not a fan of holding grudges and would like issues tabled as soon as they arise. You wouldn’t want a situation where a particular issue causes discomfort to your partner and instead of your partner talking about it, decides to keep silent. And the discomfort grows into irritation, then into animosity. With which your partner would act on, this turning the relationship into a toxic and an unhealthy one.

Instead, you would want the two of you to talk about the issues you guys are going through and deal with them like adults who are looking out for each other, try to find solutions to your problems.

You are all about a relationship where you guys love and respect each other’s true selves. And only then can you say you have a healthy relationship.


As a Scorpio, you are all about someone who will make the rough times seem a little smoother. When you are trying to get into a romantic relationship with someone, you put loyalty and your happiness at the top of your priority list.

You can put up with a lot of things as long as that person gives you peace of mind and lets you just be. You also don’t take cheating lightly. For you, cheating doesn’t always mean infidelity. It could also mean allocating resources that are meant for the building and strengthening of your relationship. Some of these resources include time energy and more.

Instead, you want your partner to be dedicated to the relationship as much as you are dedicated to it too. If you find out that you are beginning to feel like you are stifled or not allowed to be yourself, you don’t blink an eye when deciding to quit the relationship.


For the Sagittarius, you are looking for an independent partner. Someone who knows when to support you and yet knows when not to infringe on your personal space. This is because you are an independent person who easily gets irritated by a clingy partner. And so you look out for traits and behaviors that show that the person you are interested in dating feels the same way as you do. Once you find the one, you guys usually end up with a great relationship where you guys grow as a unit and individually.


For the Capricorn, you can be called a sapiosexual being; you are attracted to the way a human mind works and not to what covers your partner’s skeleton. You are more interested in having intelligent conversations about things that matter and would not stand small talk. And so that is what you look for in a partner – intelligence. If you don’t find it, you move on – it is as simple as that.

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