Your Horoscope This Week

Your Horoscope This Week

Feel that? It’s the calm before a storm of activity. The planets are already blowing air into our sails, amping us up for the coming changes.
On Sunday (the 11th), we’re under the influence of Uranus and Pluto. These slow-moving planets (of sudden events and transformation) get a bad rap. Right now, though, they’ve teamed up to give you an encouraging nudge. Pluto boosts your resilience and lights a flame of passion from within; Uranus turns on your teenage rebel side, wiring you with the confidence to act independently.
Saturn is another major player this week. Its meetup with mental Mercury and rational Venus creates a pragmatic, serious atmosphere over the coming days. Saturn transits feel like dealing with a nagging parent who probably does know what’s best for us. Unlike many real-life nagging parents, Saturn reliably rewards hard work and smart preparation.
Apply that Uranian-Plutonian confidence to the tasks Saturn sets for you. Starting on the 17th, March goes wild. (You likely already have some of those deadlines and tasks on your agenda.) Devote this week to planning and prioritizing. If you have a major project due toward the end of the month, come up with a schedule and short-term goals to tackle it with gusto. If you know your job is going to be short-staffed, get the little tasks out of the way now. If health issues flare up when you’re doing too much and stress makes your brain feel like it’s going to pop, figure out how you’ll handle your loaded calendar differently.

February 19 to March 20

It’s time, Pisces. Thanks to last week’s illuminating Sun-Neptune meetup, you can see what’s ahead in the weeks to come. You will be busy — there’s no getting around that — but a little preparation can ensure you stay afloat.

Last week was all about envisioning your source of fulfillment. This week, you must understand and accept the work before you. The current transits, including visits from strength-giving Pluto and hope-restoring Jupiter, energize and excite you. However, Saturn, the planet of limitations and, well, reality, is standing in your path.

There’s real-world crap to be dealt with before you can float off into your imagination. Papers, emails, payment reminders, reports, and desktop-clogging file folders need your attention, mystic Pisces. Think of these objects as energetic blocks. By clearing them, you restore beauty and peace to your mental environment and create a space for your dreams to come to life.

For artistic Pisceans, the current transits are fabulous for tricky writing projects or the techincal side of creating music and visual art. Use your inner critic to hold you to a schedule and answer self-criticism with a reminder that, with practice, you will improve.

March 21 to April 19

You’ve put in your time and you’re ready for action. Your challenge this week, dear Ram, is to look and leap. In other words, think through the cause and effect in order to make the most of your bright ideas and fierce urges.

Early in the week, Uranus, the planet of wild left turns, is passing notes to your ruling planet, Mars. You’re tempted to skip classes, bend rules, and run off into the woods on your own. There’s no question: You’ve got to get outside the straitjacket of your 9-to-5 (or 6 p.m. to close), or you’re gonna lose it. Good thing you’re also full of bright ideas for how to liven things up and have more fun without getting fired (or expelled or evicted). This transit loves interesting, creative compromises. Put that fiery Aries brain to work on a plan for getting what you and your boss, parents, S.O., or roommates want.

Impulse purchases, though, are not an option this week. Sensible Saturn is hitting Venus, the money planet, hard. Your bank account may seem to be shrinking, your paychecks could bounce, and that car that looked so good on the lot? Turns out, those extra zeroes were dollars, not cents. Make your financial anxieties work for you by slapping together a solid budget, including some cash set aside for taxes and other April expenses. That way, when you’re really cooking later this month, nothing will get in your way.

April 20 to May 20

Like a total Taurus stereotype, your mind is on your money this week. You haven’t gone through a materialistic makeover — you’re just sensibly tuning into Saturn’s scold-a-thon of pleasure-loving Venus.

Saturn has shown up to school Venus on how to balance her metaphorical checkbook, or at least to sign into her bank app before she gets that overdraft notice. Take note of where you’re overspending. Make a pledge to cook at home more, and then wow yourself by actually doing it. Taurus motivation depends on enjoyment; if you want to keep a resolution, you better make sure it feels good. Teach yourself a recipe for your favorite, wallet-busting restaurant food so that cooking at home feels like a reward.

This week is the last chill one for a while. Use this pause to prepare. By next week, you’ll be busier than you’d like. What project, goal, or necessary chores are worth pouring March’s prodigious energy into? How will you make the process as easy and comfortable as possible? What treats will you give yourself along the way to keep yourself happy and trucking along?

May 21 to June 20

The coming Mercury retrograde is already tickling your antennae, heightening that feeling that you must be forgetting something. You’re juggling a bunch of bowling pins already, Gem, even without anxiety (and the gripes of others) thrown into the mix.

Thank sourpuss Saturn for all the “good cheer.” The planet of planning ahead is giving ol’ Mercury, your astrological BFF, a stern talking-to. You have a choice: get pissed or get your business sorted. The worries that are bugging you and complaints that you’re hearing from bosses, parents, and partners is probably on the money — even if you’d rather it wasn’t.

Next week will throw gas and a lit match on your bowling pins. Deal with any issues that come up now, so your future self can focus. If you’ve said yes to a date you don’t have time for or a work deadline you’re going to miss, get the hard conversation over now before it pisses someone off later.

June 21 to July 22

It’s a serious week, Cancer, but your effective, capable and will handle it like a pro.

On Sunday, your ruling celestial body, the moon, has a business meeting with CEO-like Saturn in serious Capricorn. Use this sobering influence to cut back on unnecessary tasks. Instead, focus on what has to happen this week. What obligations are you still behind on from sleepy, snowy February? Figure out what’s most important and imagine how fabulous and relaxed you’ll feel once they’re done. (Then put them on your calendar. You’ve totally got this.)

The month’s new moon arrives this coming Saturday, the 17th. The new moon is in peaceful Pisces, but don’t let that fool you! Mars, planet of war and action, has a starring role in this celestial event. The new moon’s laser beam of energy wants you to make a major new start or significant progress on a project that’s already underway. Instead of getting frustrated because events (and, ahem, other people) aren’t moving fast enough, spend Saturday on a satisfying solo project or workout.

July 23 to August 22

Hold on tight to your map, Leo. You’re on a confidence roller coaster this week, but as long as you know where you’re going, you can still have fun along the way (and win in the end).

Early in the week, Jupiter, planet of luck, sheds its light on your ruler, the sun. You feel capable and on your game. Your friends keep telling you you’re a star. Even the barista can’t quit smiling at you. It’s good times, but keep a sense of proportion. You’re amazing and all, but the rules still apply. You can get away with rolling in at 9:10, but save up your rule-breaking chips for when you really need them.

In the second half of the week, insecurity-stoking Chiron is shedding its uncomfortable light on the sun. Your crush isn’t returning your texts (at least not the one you sent 15 seconds ago) and you’re suddenly convinced your friends are laughing at you (and not with you). The shade is all in your head, which is the worst place for it to be. Suspecting that people find you obnoxious makes you try to make them like you, which is a recipe for bending over backwards for nothing. Accept that you’re a little insecure right now and try not to freak. In a few more days, the planets will get a new sign to pick on.

August 23 to September 22

Priorities, Virgo. Can you tell the difference between what’s bugging you and what needs to get done?

Stern Saturn is causing mental slowdowns and communication impasses, thanks to an encounter with your ruling planet, Mercury. You literally can’t get everything on your list done, and you’ll burst a blood vessel by trying. Write down the billion little tasks driving you nuts. Isolate the top five most important emails, phone calls, online forms, deadlines, bills, or tasks. Everything else goes in a mental save-for-later box.

This is a really useful influence for all sorts of planning ahead. Once you’ve tackled the current week’s priorities, figure out the month’s top focuses. Saving money and budgeting should be on your agenda right now. Sign into your bank account and make sure autopay and streaming subscriptions aren’t sucking you dry. It’s also a good time to have the are-we-in-it-or-aren’t-we relationship talk and clear up confusing conflicts in your friendships. Address old problems and solve new ones before they start.

You might think this is the most boring astrological advice ever, but it’s seriously going to save you from crumbling under a stress avalanche in a few weeks.

September 23 to October 22

No matter how awkward or insecure you sometimes feel, you are a queen, Libra. Specifically, you’re the queen of picking the right outfit, befriending the people who can help you thrive, and knowing the polite words to get you through any situation.

As your ruler, Venus, planet of pleasure and balance, bestowed these powers upon you. Whatever affects her, affects you, too. Right now, Venus is up to her neck in social discomfort as she travels through selfish Aries and signs in for a video conference with grim and graceless Saturn. Because she’s stressed, she’s bringing out your penchant to argue and manipulate.

Nothing is fun and everything sucks — at least that’s how downcast Saturn wants you to feel. It’s all a matter of perspective, though. Balance that glass-half-empty perspective with the pleasures of getting your environment and relationships in order. What eyesores and annoyances are stressing you out? Are there friends or family members who lately drag down your mood? Use the Venus-in-Aries superpower to address problems directly. When you do, you’ll feel like the queen everyone else knows you are.

October 23 to November 21

Aim yourself at a worthy target, Scorpio. You are fully in your power, ready to make the change you want to see.

Your ruling planet, Pluto, has secrets to tell. Early in the week, it connects with the sun. Your purpose — the ultimate goal that determines how you act in your relationships, who you get close to, who you ignore — is private, known only to you. Sometimes going after what you want means sacrificing that privacy. This week, that truth either doesn’t apply or you just don’t mind.

Pursue your passion — whether it’s getting closer to someone you love, making money, or winning a key competition — with single-minded obsession. Pluto strips away outer layers and obstructions. Close your eyes and you’ll see exactly what you need to do.

Your co-ruler, Mars, is also busy this week. Mars is the planet of action and strategy, and it’s the source of your competitive streak. On the 17th, Mars switches signs, moving from myth-making Sagittarius to fact-based Capricorn. While Mars was in Sag, you only wanted to do what felt exciting and educational. In Capricorn, Mars gets down-to-earth. Now you’re serious, business-minded, and terrifyingly ambitious. Go get ‘er, Scorpio (and pity the fool who stands in your way).

November 22 to December 21

You dislike being told what to do, Sag, and that makes sense. You’re used to being the smartest person in the room — or at least the one with the most snappy comebacks. The rest of us can barely keep up.

That’s a big reason why Saturn transits rub you the wrong way. Saturn is all about authority figures and bossy finger-pointers, lecturing in a monotone about what you should and shouldn’t do. You know who those people are in your life (bosses, teachers, parents, that super-condescending friend) and you spend a lot of energy trying not to listen to them.

Even though I know you’ll do whatever you feel like, I encourage you to keep tuning them out this week. Does this sound like reverse psychology? It’s not. You’re best off listening to the Saturn voice in your own head. That inner bossypants might sound like a recording of your mom, but it’s actually your inner adult. You know you need to pay your data bill before they cut off your phone. You know you need to ask for time off work now instead of waiting until the day before your trip.

Listen to your wiseass self, Sag. The planets are urging you to plan ahead and attend to the boring details that make future fun possible. An added bonus of getting on top of your deadlines and payments today is that you won’t have to suffer some fool bugging you about it tomorrow.

December 22 to January 19

It’s your week, Cappy. Step up to your throne.

You’ve probably guessed by now that if the planets are gifting you a whole week, it means none of the other signs wanted it. True! However, this is an honor I think you’ll enjoy (to whatever extent you actually enjoy stuff).

Saturn, your ruling planet, is getting real with slacker Venus and scatter-brained Mercury, telling them to shape up or else. On Earth, this means you need to be working on your relationships, finances, and communication. As long as you are patient (check!), realistic (check check!), and get down to business now (triple check!), you are almost assured of eventual success.

Budget, pay your bills, pursue inbox zero, and check in on how your friendships, romances, and professional relationships are going. A hard conversation this week may feel extra heavy, but it will take an unnecessary burden off your shoulders. The planets are especially well-aligned for editing and working on a long or difficult piece of writing (yes, emails count).

Don’t get too carried away with your temporary star status, Cappy. You sometimes (according to rumors) come across as harsher than you mean to. When you’re having tough talks or saying no to someone, use the structures of etiquette (or even make a spontaneous gesture of kindness) to end on a good note.

January 20 to February 18

You might seem laid back, but when you decide what you want, you’re tenacious as hell. This week, you’ll need genius-level follow-through to earn the independence you want.

On Sunday, your ruling planet, radical Uranus, incites a socially acceptable riot with warrior Mars. The transit energizes you and shows you how to achieve your wildest, most engrossing goals. It’s up to you to act, though. Going with the flow is, by definition, easy. But only in the short-term. A lot of time, going along with the herd (even if it’s a herd you like), just means you end up doing work someone else assigned to you.

March is progressively busy and demanding this week. Everyone is going to be running around like headless chickens by the time it ends. You can choose where your decapitated body runs over the coming weeks, or you can let the planets give you a task. (Warning: You may not like what they pick.)

If you’re torn between multiple options, the transits at the end of the week will push you to make a call. On the 17th, Mars, planet of action, moves into ambitious Capricorn, colliding with a sensitive new moon in Pisces. It’s a frustrating combination, but the upside is that you’ll know what needs your attention. (Hint: It’s whatever is bugging you the most.)

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